What is the next step to book BURGHOUSE?

We like to start every conversation with couples through a brief 15 minute consultation (via Skype) to serve you best to make sure you get all the info you need to plan your wedding day to perfection. If we feel we’re a good fit with each other and you decide to move forward with your booking we then have an in person meet up over a good cup of coffee (or beer, which ever you prefer) to chat through your day, our timeline suggestions and everything in between.

During our meeting, we would love to get to know you both to help us understand how we can get the most for you in your wedding photos. We want to be able to create a real connection so that we show the best of your love story in your photographs.
We will also chat about what it is that you envision for your big day. We are happy to help you with this as it is a journey and we have tons of experience with it through 10 years of weddings and our personal experience as husband and wife.

Once we have had the Skype and in person meeting, and a connection is created, we will send over your contract. Your desired day will then be locked in once a signed contract has been submitted and your deposit has been received.

More Questions & Answers

Good question! It depends on the size of your wedding, but on average you will receive 600-800 colour and black and white, retouched images in high resolution. It will take approximately 6-8 weeks on average to receive your final images. However once the wedding day is over, we jump straight into the images and find you a few teasers, just so you can experience your wedding day again, while on your honeymoon.

There are no what if’s, coulda’s or shoulda’s! However, in the unlikely event of an emergency, one of our other talented, studio team photographers will fill in.

We have our various packages available for your perusal on our site here and these form our most popular package items.
We do shoot a lot of different and unique weddings – not one is the same. Our packages are customizable based on your needs, this is absolutely something we can chat about over that cup of coffee! As for add-ons, let us know what you need, we can make it happen!

  • Embrace the rain. It can make for stunning photos. 
  • We suggest purchasing umbrellas like these
  • Discuss alternate locations and rain locations with us. If you have any preferred locations let us know and we’ll work them into the plan. We will also help make suggestions for great back-up options.
  • There is a fixed rate package price (this rate includes the additional time incurred with the travel portion.) Travel expenses, flights, accommodations, meals, and transportation are in addition.
  • Keep in mind when booking us for a destination wedding, we’re traveling for work. We take this very seriously, while we do enjoy some of the downtime, there are many moving parts in orchestrating an event like location scouting and file management.
  • We LOVE to travel. We’ve been all over the place! We’ll give you the in’s and out’s of making the most of your wedding away. Connect with us and we can talk about your destination wedding.
Yes! This is an optional, fun and sleek addition to our reception coverage. Basically, we bring along a 3rd photographer, a portable setup, and then capture your guests in a classic black and white style! Think Kim and Kanye’s wedding photo booth setup.

We are all about photography and therefore our focus and growth is concentrated in this art. However we do work hand in hand with amazing teams. Our associate film team is About Us films. You can check their work here https://aboutusfilms.co and all their social media.

We sure do. You will receive a full set of colour and black and white, high resolution images.
You will receive a high-quality selection of your wedding images as well as an online gallery to share with family and friends. There’s also a hand-crafted BURGHOUSE USB with your high-resolution images on it. We also include a selection of web-sized photographs because we know some will end up on your social media accounts.
A decade of experience in the wedding industry has taught us a lot of things and we’re ready for more. We are very well versed in all types of religious and cultural ceremonies and operate in a very respectful and courteous manner.
A lot of people feel this way and that’s why there are engagement shoots! They are a great opportunity to get to know us and get used to being photographed. After the session, we will show you exactly how you photograph together professionally and you can give us feedback about what you like / don’t like. We’ll then personalize the approach to get the best possible photos on the wedding day.
Yes, we do! We are well-experienced and shoot anything from baby showers, family shoots, headshots all the way to corporate events. You will find more about that in our lifestyle tab.
Absolutely! After your wedding day, we will let you select approximately 50 of the ‘Must have’ images and then design a beautiful album to your liking, in fact we will allow you to make changes to this album to make sure it is exactly how you imagined it to be.
We’ve been there and done it all. We have shot at so many venues, all over the place and believe me when I say that if you have a unique venue, we get so excited to shoot it because this just means we can always find new and exciting compositions!
To ensure we don’t miss your call, let us call you. Use the contact form below to send us your questions and phone number and we will get right back to you to chat through everything else you may need to know.

Contact Us

If you’d like to meet us and find out if you connect with who we are and how we work, send us a message using this form and let’s start chatting. We aim to match up with only 15-20 couples each year so that we always have fresh eyes, feel energised and excited for each wedding and give each couple extraordinary investment into them and their wedding story.

To book our personalised service for any day, we require a signed contract and non refundable booking retainer. We can secure dates up to 1 ½ years in advance.

Looking forward to meeting you!